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"Back in 1994, when you were recommending Industrias Peñoles, I bought 2,000 shares for $5,300. They''re now worth $52,500! Thank you for encouraging us to keep faith in our silver stocks. This will tell you why I''m a long-term subscriber."

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"My deepest appreciation to you for your brilliant guidance regarding the stock market, global economics and politics, and critical health issues, as well as an upliftingly wise philosophy of life. Thanks to you, the retirement portfolio for my husband and myself is now in excellent shape."

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"In April 2004, I took what was left of an ailing IRA and bought 150,000 shares of UEX for $93K. Yesterday, that account closed out above $1 million."

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Mr Dines saw it coming

"Way back in 2004 - 2005, you were the only person who stuck his neck out far enough to correctly predict 'The Coming Real-Estate Crash of 2007.' For those of us who want to learn to fish and not just be fed dinner, please continue to write as much as possible in every issue of The Dines Letter. Thank you."

—Susan Valenta, Idaho