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Secrets of High States

Forbes called his Mass Psychology book "a classic"...Barron's hailed his Technical Analysis "the most comprehensive book ever written on the subject" and claimed his Invisible Crash is "the Gold Bug's Bible."

And yes, these books made people money (a great deal, in many cases). They helped protect nest eggs. They alerted people to opportunities, danger signs and helped them to navigate safely through often-treacherous financial waters.

Mr Dines feels they were not as vital or significant, however, as his newest book, Secrets of High States.

The reason is simple:

We invest to achieve more happiness

As Mr Dines says, "If we haven't achieved happiness in life, we have failed miserably."

In his book Mass Psychology Mr Dines identified and described the phenomena of High States and Low States of investor mindsets.

At that time, he applied the concept strictly to predict stock movements, to be resilient in stressful markets and to make money.

Now, in Secrets of High States, he takes the concept further, and employs it on a basic, human level—as a way of understanding why some people are fundamentally happy and some aren't.

Learn the secrets to living
your life to the fullest

Throughout the book you'll see how Mr Dines identifies and discusses the benefits of 26 High States, foremost among them being the High State of Truth, and contrasts them with their Low State counterparts.

A sampling of the other High States explored includes the High State of Generosity, the High State of Gratitude and the High State of Mutual Respect.

Secrets of High States takes Mr Dines and his readers into the new dimension of spirituality, health and happiness. There is no point in having money without the best possible happiness and health, because the very purpose of money is to achieve happiness.

Over the years, the book began to take form as he developed and articulated his concept of "High States and Low States." It studies some of life's deepest secrets and meanings, transcending money and searching for happiness.

After reading this book, you'll come away with a better sense of well-being, and an understanding of how following the Truths of High States will ensure that you live a happier, more productive life.

And, equally important, how applying these principles could ultimately make you a better investor.

And, introducing the
photography of James Dines

You'll also find, for the first time ever, that Mr Dines has circumnavigated each point of the book with his own exquisite, thought-provoking photography.

The images reveal Mr Dines' long-underemphasized skill as a photographer, and each image was carefully captured to accentuate the accompanying text.

Secrets of High States is destined to be a classic, and a must-read for followers of Mr Dines' ideas and philosophies.

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