The Dines Letter 2020 Annual Forecast Issue

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Have made so much money...

"I do, however, have a complaint: I followed Mr Dines' recommendations into uranium stocks and have made so much money I don't know what to do with it. Thanks!"

—Roger Talor,

Frequently Asked Questions

The Dines Letter FAQ

  1. Why should I subscribe to The Dines Letter?

    Mr Dines has an unequaled record of correct forecasts. If you want to protect your wealth throughout the volatile years to come, and to continue to grow your investments, there is no better resource.

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Interim Warning FAQ

  1. Why should I subscribe to the Interim Warning Bulletin?

    The market is more volatile than it has ever been. That means markets can change suddenly, and Mr Dines wants to make sure you hear about every investment decision you need to make while there's still time to profit, or to protect your assets. The Dines Letter focuses more on global investment issues, while the Interim Warning Bulletin alerts you to immediate decisions you need to make, when waiting till your next Dines Letter issue comes.

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